Hi, I am Mircea.

I work as network engineer for Cloudflare and I spend most of my time writing code for network automation.

Sometimes I give talks at conferences such as RIPE or NANOG about the stuff I’ve built and how network automation really helps to maintain reliable and stable one of the biggest global networks.

Back in time I begun as software developer, particularly for web backend. Learning Python, 2nd edition was the first serious book I read and today Python is the programming language I use the most. However, Ruby is still my favourite, although I can’t say I have extensive experience.

Before my university studies, I took a drastic decision over my career path and decided to make a sudden change. Although I was always fascinated about telecom, both radio and cable based transmissions, this was something totally new for me - barely I knew what a MAC address is. After several years of hard work I recuperated these drawbacks, and I still got tons of things to learn everyday.

I had the chance to experience the life in Switzerland, at EPFL, where I’ve been researching around parallel computing. Next stop was France where I applied some automation methodologies in the core of a service provider called iBrowse covering few countries in Europe. Latest country is now UK, being based in Cloudflare’s London office.

Besides networking I am very passionate about radio communications (especially mobile networks), mathematics and algorithms.